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The full report, (PDF, 2.06 MB), is available as a PDF. This document contains confidential information that is proprietary to NRC’s Centre for Surface Transportation Technology.

No part of its contents may be used, copied, disclosed or conveyed to any party in any manner, in whole or in part, whatsoever without prior written permission from NRC’s Centre for Surface Transportation Technology.

However, these systems cannot be used independently without mirrors, under the current CMVSS regulations.

A cursory review of in service tractors in Ontario confirmed that drivers are currently accustomed to using mirrors that are nearly three times larger than what is required under CMVSS regulations.

Pertinent information relating to drag reduction was extracted from sources and summarized in this report.

In general, the authors attempted to explain each technology or product and present or calculate the expected potential reduction in drag coefficient for a typical highway vehicle.

Ideally, a study could be conducted whereby a variety of gap fillers, side skirts and boat tails are sequentially added to the LCV in order to determine if the effects of these devices on LCVs is similar to their effect on conventional vehicles.

This study could be performed at both gaps to quantify the incremental effect of add on devices, compared to the large reductions that are achieved via the removal of one of the tractors.

The purpose of this study is to better understand what technologies or practices can be applied to highway tractor and trailer combinations and highway motor coach buses to reduce aerodynamic drag without negatively affecting the usefulness or profitability of the vehicles.