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KG to create stockings for women made from pure silk and rayon.The technology was based on used American cotton machines, which were adapted to suit Wolford® quality standards.(It's over a foot long and I'm stuck at work with it. if you divide price/# of times worn, they are actually a great deal. I am on my feet all day at work and they provide nice support. I ordered a size Small after reading the other Reviews & seeing the Wolford Size Chart.Kinda embarrassing.) For as much as I paid for these tights and based on reviews, I certainty thought they would last longer that one wear! I wash them by hand and, in general take very good care of them, and they last a long time. per year, although the last pair I had lasted for 2 winters. Was excited to receive this item but found the fabric, which is a cotton blend, to be rough. I'm 5'8" 135lbs & ordinarily order bodysuits in size Large to insure a non-binding fit.

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Half Navajo and half Puerto Rican, stocky and athletic, Soto didn't fit the mold, but his grace and strength as a soloist and fame as the surest of partners (famously to iconic ballerinas Heather Watts, Lourdes Lopez, and Wendy Whelan) cemented his reputation as one of the most universally beloved dancers in New York. But for an occasion or just a night out in a dress/skirt when you do not want bare legs, these are perfect.3 or 4 of them will get me through bare leg season (May through September) when I can go back to wearing regular tights. I bought them to wear with flat semi-dress shoes without pantyhose. They are fairly delicate so I don't expect them to hold up for long. I wear shoe size 7 1/2 to 8 wide and the small fit me in these footsies. Outstanding socks - thin enough to fit in shoes but containing enough wool for warmth.PBS's Independent Lens today airs , a documentary about Soto's career and rediscovery of his heritage. it seems like another era, in which dancers really were stars.

Vulture caught up with Soto, who now spends his days running a catering business with his partner, and talked to him about the dances in his past and the cooking show in his future. When you first came to the city, what were your first impressions? Well, I never considered myself a star, I was just someone who worked and worked and worked and did my job every day.

They are the sheerest tights/hose that Wolford makes.