Updating website seo score

20-Oct-2017 07:03

Due to this, I only took on clients for whom I could provide the results… What I started doing was estimating how much more traffic I could drive to the companies.I would take their current rankings and use the multiplier from this table.

Some of the questions you can ask are: In addition to surveying your clients, make sure you also provide them with a monthly report and weekly calls.

By doing this, in the long run, you’ll continually gain new clients from referrals.

When I first started the agency, referrals were my primary source of revenue, but once I learned how to gain customers through marketing, it became our 4 most popular channel.

I used to rely on the word of mouth as my main revenue source.

It’s easy to build a six-figure SEO agency, assuming you can provide the service.The only thing they have to worry about is whether you can actually provide the results.