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Lucy Mc Lauchlan, whose work features in "Still Here", says Lazarides encouraged "adventure and freedom – much needed when you're trying to make sense of collating 'street' works into an indoor exhibition space".

The upshot, adds 3D, is that "art's no longer the preserve of the middle class and the wealthy".

These guys were going out and making rough places pretty." And now, those guys are making a living because people are splashing serious cash on their work: fans include Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera.

Fellow gallerist Oliver Cox, who owns west London's Graffik, says street artists owe their popularity to Lazarides, who gave them a "platform to exhibit commercial works".

"I shot a bunch of people for The Independent magazine.

Showing me around the exhibition, he pauses at some canvases by Robert "3D" Del Naja, the Massive Attack singer-cum-graffiti artist. I used to get the bus in from the estate I lived in to go and see his graffiti. " Later, chatting by telephone, he tells me that one of his friends was a "kid called Inkie", another of the Bristol graffiti alumni.

Characters who get to skip the analysis altogether due to some form of copycat power are Power Copying.