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20-Jun-2017 21:16

For most, it's the parental touch, love and warmth, for some bringing an old respectable senior down to begging for sex is very kinky; and for yet others like me there is nothing more satisfying than being a humble dog to 'daddy' and fulfilling all his demands, obeying all his orders and submitting myself to him as his slave. Again, I'd like to mention that I look pretty macho and hetero by any standards, and of all my sexual encounters(like 100s), I've had anal sex only 3-4 times and dont prefer it.Plus, my role reverses at times when I find an appealing passive old man.

In addition, the report revealed that men and women are sexually interested in partners their own age throughout their entire lives, and most sexual activity occurs between partners of around the same age, according to a release.

Sexual arousing might take longer but that's not an disadvantage, no.

Everybody who never had an older lover who has time for you misses a lot. I feel the same way with men below 45/40 if they are "mature" (I am a 26 year old woman).

In addition there are other studies that support this preference on a more molecular level.

For example research has suggested that daughters of older mothers are more likely to develop anxiety whereas offspring of older fathers live longer and have stronger DNA.Divorce rates rose to 19 percent for those with five years between them, and couples with a 20-year gap had a 95 percent chance of splitting up. Age Limits Men’s and Women’s Youngest and Oldest Considered and Actual Sex Partners.